Things You Should Never Do With Your Hair

5 Things You Should Never Do With Your Hair

Ever brush your hair from the root to the tip? Or apply a conditioner like you do shampoo? If so, then you’re guilty of bad hair care. But don’t stress — we’re all guilty of a few hair sins as some things you should never do with your hair. But the good thing is that it’s never too late to start caring for your hair in a way that will prevent damage and promote natural strength.

Styling your hair can complete your look, but it could also be damaging your locks depending on your technique. We know managing your hair can be complicated but it doesn’t have to be. With some simple habit changes, we promise in no time you will be en route to healthier, beautiful, and more manageable locks. So here are our top 5 pro tips of things you should never do to your hair.

Don’t Over-Wash Your Hair:

Excessive shampooing can dry out the hair, specifically the ends, which tend to be drier. So if you want clean, undamaged, and moisturized hair before the next wash date, it might be a good idea to bet on co-wash – the technique that uses the conditioner to wash and moisturize your hair.

Never Dry Your Hair with a Regular Bath Towel:

Using a body towel to dry the hair can break the hair and cause increased frizz. Ideally use a towel with more delicate fabrics, such as microfiber or cotton. You can also use a t-shirt to gently dry curly hair so it doesn’t break the strands.

Don’t Wash Your Hair with Hot Water:

When you take a hot shower no doubt you feel amazing, but it is not good for your lovely hair, hot shower strip off the natural oils from your beautiful hair and that makes your hair flaky and dry. Therefore, you must take cold or normal water to wash your hair.

Avoid Chemical Based Hairstyle Products:

When you use products full of chemicals instead of using natural products on your hair, this lead to hair damage. Chemicals from perming, hair treatments, and dying can damage your hair follicles. Not only this, but these chemicals might also disrupt your hair growth and result in hair fall problems.

Expose Your Hair to Too Much Sun:

Our skin is very similar to our hair. Both entities are deeply affected by the sun’s harmful rays. When our skin is exposed to excessive sun our bodies become covered with burns that have potentially cancer-causing repercussions. Similarly, the sun causes our hair to become dry and dull. Even though this damage is sometimes disguised as natural highlights, our hair becomes subject to serious breakage.

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