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Advanced Salicylic Acid Body Soap Scrub Treatment For Acne, Paraben and Cruelty Free – 100g. Made in UK

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Premium Salicylic Acid Body Wash – First and foremost is Quality, when it comes to face soaps; our Moksha exfoliating soap bar is made right here in the U.K; we are proud that our acne body wash soap is a 100% Pure Vegetable Soap

Feel Your Clean Face Skin – Our salicylic acid face cleanser soap bar is super charged with Salicylic Acid for healthy skin; Moksha purpose soap for dark spots tighten pores, unifies skin tone and leaves skin clean and rejuvenated

Suitable For All Skin Types – Our salicylic acid acne body wash skin lightening soap is suitable for all skin types including sensitive, oily and dry skin; enriched with Vitamin E it protects skin against oxidative stress and leaves skin feeling soft

Perfect For Men, Women And Teenagers – Whether you’re a woman that wants a smooth skin or a man that wants to deal with oily skin, our acne body wash soap bar thoroughly clean pores

Handmade In U.K – At Moksha we take pride in our soap with salicylic acid; if for any reason you are dissatisfied with our Salicylic Acid Soap Bar, please let us know, you are covered by our Customer Satisfaction Promise

The effects of using natural salicylic acid body wash soap
– cleansed and fresh skin of the body and face
– no dry skin, exfoliating soap bar women
– reduction of blackheads and acne
– reduction of skin oil and sebum
– reduction of skin blemishes, blackhead
– brightens and smooths skin colour
– noticeable effect of freshness
– suitable for all skin types, back and butt
– effect of tighter and firmer skin

Moksha Bodycare salicylic acid acne body wash makes light work of unclogging pores, and removing dead cells, spot revealing clearer, renewed complexion. And to ensure problem skin doesn’t return the active ingredient, salicylic naturally goes to work in removing bacteria and absorbing excess oil.

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Nice, would use again and would not hesitate to recommend it to others

Wow this product is amazing!Due to illnesses and my age the last few years Ive struggled with open pores and spots, been on bouts of long term medication from the doctors for it and it didnt help, had two spots for 18months tried everything going to clear them and other breakouts, well after using this the first time I noticed my pores had shrunk, and the spots Id had 18months are going, I read through all the reviews and thought oh yeah cant see it working but will add to my list of things Ive tried, but its amazing and actually works 100% for me


It works!

Really great face soap! I've been using it pretty much every day for 3 months and my skin has never been so good. If I do get a blemish (usually from face masks or forgetting to remove make up) this soap seems to really speed up the healing process. It's not particularly drying, but I would say (as with any soap) it's best to moisturing your face after washing. Also, there's still loads of it left after 3 months of use! It's probably still not even shrunk by half.

A. Douglas

Great soap for breakouts

Great soap; used for just under a week am/pm and face really feels fresh after every wash. Only a little time is need to work up a decent lather - dont get any in your eyes as the instructions warn! - which is sufficient to cover the face. Just the four stars for the moment as more time needed to assess the benefits; will say that the price point compares very favourably to similar soaps in class.

Miss Y.

Works wonders on many skin conditions! Good for toenails too.

Soap was extremely efficient in eradicating any new flare ups of bacne - it removed all traces of sunscreen on my face that it actually prevented me from breaking out.If I notice a pimple coming, due to oils in sunscreen I double cleanse using this soap and I wake up the next day and its subsided significantly and other times vanished !It really does stop new spots in their tracks and dries up old spots.I noticed lightening of elbows and knees due to gentle exfoliating properties, the patches of dry skin on my feet from friction and arms - either faded or gone.It lathers extremely well, a gorgeous thick foam. That easily sits on the skin.. after a long day out in the polluted sticky summer days in London this stuff strips me of all sweat, lotions and grime without making my skin feel like its completely stripped. I can happily leave this on my skin as a full body mask for 5 minutes and rinse off - anyone who has bacne I highly recommend.I rotate with a nourishing lavender and olive oil soap just to ensure I don’t completely dry myself out - I don’t have to scrub my back hard, a gentle back brush and this soap make a thick lather than cleanse very well.Dry Body oil on after my shower otherwise it can be quite drying.I’m saddened that the soap is almost finished and I’ve had it less than a month but I’ve never felt so clean! It helps with ingrown hairs, hyperpigmentation of underarms.Its also very efficient in cleansing toes nails, I noticed my nails are brighter and have less skin build up around cuticles.After doing some research as I noticed this soap is doing me wonders; sulphar has anti fungal qualities so I can imagine this being good for men who may be at risk from skin infections from barbers - anyone who wants a preventative measure of infections of toenails and anyone who struggles with keratosis or psriosis.The sulphur scent has been subdued with fragrance however you certainly can still smell it. It often lingers on the skin too. Which is why I like to use bio oil, or palmers body oil after as it has a fragrance.The bathroom really does smell of egg when used in the shower! I can’t imagine this making a good bath soap at all!Despite loving this soap as it works exceptionally well for me, and my family - with pigmented NC44 Indian skin. It just runs out so fast!!Anyone who suffers from hyperpigmentation of the underarms or ingrown hairs - I highly recommend. My underarms are lighter, softer and it has the same results if anything less abrasive than Murads BHA/AHA exfoliating scrub which was recommended by my laser aesthetician. Just a tad more drying.Pros:1. Works for me and no adverse skin reactionsNo burning, no rash, no stinging - father has severe psoriasis and also did not complain of any bad reactions.2. lathers amazingly, thick and foamy3. Sits well on skin as a full body mask just dampen hands and keep massaging!4. Helps dead skin hyperpigmentation5. Helps gently exfoliate flaky skin/mild calluses6. Removes thick sun screen and make up exceptionally well!7. Unclogs pores8. Fungal acne, fungal feet - will definitely notice the antibacterial and exfoliating properties of this product9. The little exfoliating seeds within the bar10. Dries well on a soap tray, doesn’t become gummy or ***** and stick to the tray like some other brands.11. A good attempt in covering the sulphur scent, but I wouldn’t go to say its a lovely fragrance.12. Price. When a product works, the price doesn’t seem so bad. I had an extremely inflamed ITCHY back and this soap gave me relief from the first wash.. however I place price as a con below also.Cons:1. Smell can get a little overpowering and does linger on skin.2. Price! Its a bar soap, I don’t want to spend more than £5 on a bar. Especially now that I want it as a bathing staple.3. Runs out quickly! Make bigger bars!4. CAN be drying - rose water misted on my body after, balances this for me though.5. I want more exfoliating beads, but this is personal preference - maybe sell an extra rough exfoliating version of this soap or cured within a natural loufa!Delivery was fast, and not overpackaged which is nice.Overall happy with purchase and you have a subscriber.

Holly C.

I'm shocked, such a good product!

So the top pictures were 10 days ago, before I used the soap. The bottom is 10 days later, using the soap once a day. My acne has reduced, my face less sore and any spots I have aren't painful like they were! The redness has also reduced too. The smell of the soap is divine. I will say as a precaution I have used moisturiser each time I've washed my face as I read it could be quite drying, however I havent had any issues with dryness whilst also using a moisturiser! I would definitely buy again for the value for money and results! I havent found a thing that has worked as well for my acne as this :)

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