Amazing Skin Care Benefits of Sulphur

Sulphur is a little stinky, but a whole lot powerful if you’re someone who has to deal with acne. Sulphur has long enjoyed popularity amongst skin-care enthusiasts for its abilities to unclog pores and give the bacteria living on your skin.

What is sulphur and what is it used for?

Sulphur is a naturally occurring element that has many uses that are amazing for your skin. It can be found throughout nature in rocks and minerals (especially in volcanic areas), as well as in your body. It is one of the most abundant elements in the human body and is essential to DNA repair. The element itself is non-metallic and naturally takes on a pale-yellow hue.

The element’s properties also just so happen to make it a great gentle exfoliator, which, in turn, means that it can help you with other skin issues like eczema and rosacea.

Why doesn’t sulphur soap get any love?

Well….It literally smells like rotten eggs! Luckily, the scent will not stay long on your skin. Be wary of a lot of commercial sulphur soaps that don’t have this characteristic smell, an indicator that it may not have much sulphur, and you won’t enjoy the benefits of sulphur.

Benefits of Sulphur Soap

Sulphur soap has antiseptic properties against bacteria and fungi on the skin. sulphur soap is one of the most recommended products by dermatologists. For this reason, it can help you treat many skin conditions.

  • Acne – The use of sulphur soap is one of the traditional recommendations by dermatologists.
  • Ringworm – Using sulphur soap can help alleviate the condition. For more serious infections, you should see your primary doctor.
  • Athlete’s Foot – To eliminate the fungus, use a sulphur soap on the skin. It is important to maintain hygiene in the feet by washing them frequently with sulphur soap, cleaning between the toes, and drying them well afterwards.
  • Psoriasis – Although there is no cure, sulphur soap can help you control psoriasis.
  • Rosacea – Unfortunately, there is no cure for rosacea, but sulphur soap can help relieve your symptoms.

How many times a day should I use?

By far, the dermatologists we spoke to recommend it the most in acne spot-treating products. They can be added to your night-time routine two to three times a week and can absorb excess sebum.

But why don’t you try the Sulphur Handmade Soap and decide for yourself? You will see how the skin conditions improve.

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