5 Astounding Ways in which Lemongrass Oil Revitalizes Skin Health

Beyond the widespread applications, lemongrass can offer a myriad of benefits for your complexion, levelling up your skincare game and bringing you closer to healthy glowing skin.

Lemongrass is bestowed with numerous beneficial elements, such as anti-inflammatory, cleansing, and antifungal traits. Moreover, besides being a natural beauty component, it is another useful product obtained from their steam distillation – lemongrass essential oil. This organic tincture exudes an earthy, citrus scent and encompasses a wealth of skin incentives. It comes as no surprise that lemongrass is a sought-after addition to beautifying soaps, lotions, face washes, hair conditioners, and aromatherapy oils today, being easily available, inexpensive, and blessed with an array of amazing plant-based compounds. Here are some more compelling reasons why you should add lemongrass-based products to your standard beauty routine.

Diminishes Acne Scars:

Lemongrass is prized for its brilliant antibacterial properties due to the noteworthy levels of its unique constituents – citral and geranial. Washing the face daily in lukewarm water with lemongrass-based oil instantly clears pores of dirt and germs, ridding the skin of acne-triggering bacteria, pimples, and dark spots, leaving behind a radiant and blemish-free look.

Soothes Skin Rashes:

Renowned for its remarkable anti-inflammatory and emollient characteristics, lemongrass works wonders in calming irritated skin due to dry weather in summers and winters. Applying ample amounts of skin care products containing lemongrass essence provides soft, smooth, hydrated skin, skin roughness, and redness.

Protects From Various Skin Infections:

Lemongrass contains a treasure trove of antiseptic compounds, which effectively combat any microbial agent causing a host of minor skin ailments like fungal infections. Using soap, body washes, and bath salt containing lemongrass extracts on the face as well as the body keeps skin clear, healthy, and shielded from infections.

Relieves Headaches and Migraine:

Headaches and their more intense variants, migraines, can be debilitating and are one of those big issues to deal with. They can be caused by various factors ranging from stress, depression, and high blood pressure. The researchers believe that using lemongrass oil regularly drastically reduces the occurrence of migraines and headaches. Lemongrass has a naturally occurring compound called Eugenol. It is one of the main constituents of Aspirin, a popular treatment for headaches. So if you are not comfortable taking aspirin too regularly for your headaches, try using lemongrass oil as a diffuser or roll-on. It has the same pain-relieving compounds without the need to ingest anything.

Acts as a Pain Reliever:

Lemongrass has powerful pain-relieving properties. It helps to alleviate muscle spasms by relaxing the muscles, thereby leading to the reduction of pain-related symptoms. It is thus useful for all types of pain, including abdominal pain, joint pains, muscle pains, digestive tract spasms, muscle cramps, stomach aches, etc. This remedy has also been linked to increasing the body’s ability to repair damaged connective tissue and is recommended for these types of injuries. Another related benefit is improvements in blood circulation.

Soaking your foot & scrubbing your body in a warm bath with Lemongrass & Ginger Bath Salt open up pores to help flush out harmful toxins from the body and cleanse your skin naturally.

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