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6 Beauty Benefits of Orange for Your Skin

Thinking of oranges may remind you of this yummy, pulpy fruit or juice for breakfast but did you know that apart from making you feel energized, the benefits of oranges for the skin are many?

Orange is going to become your favourite fruit after you realize the amazing orange benefits for the skin. Orange carries the same energizing values to the skin; promises a long-lasting glow. This fruit is essential as it packs a punch of vitamin C that your skin will love. From reducing dark spots to delivering dewy dumpling skin, here are 6 beauty benefits of why orange deserves a spot in your skincare routine.

Prevents acne:

Suffering from blocked pores or dull skin? Well, the citric acid in oranges has got you. The presence of citric acid in orange helps to dry out acne and control oil. Its acidic properties foster the opening of pores and carefully cleanse all the debris off your face. It also controls excess sebum production which, in turn, prevents breakouts.

Controls aging skin:

It’s no secret that oranges are extremely rich in vitamin C, which aids the skin to even out your skin’s tone and texture by catalyzing the production of collagen. By restoring the elasticity in your skin, its appearance becomes firmer, while keeping wrinkles at bay. It is also an antioxidant that reverses UV damage and premature aging.

Exfoliates the skin:

Using orange in skin care is a great way to keep it toxin free. This makes it the perfect ingredient to exfoliate sensitive skin. The antioxidant properties in this fruit help to exfoliate the skin and keep infections, and impurities at bay.

Contains hydrating properties:

One of the benefits of orange for the skin is its moisturizing properties that help in locking skin moisture and get plump, supple, glowing skin. It boosts the blood flow to your face, pampering your skin with oxygen and keeping it clear.

Brightens up the skin:

Vitamin C-rich oranges can help reduce dark spots and fade them away quickly. Oranges are beneficial for the skin as they make spots disappear and reveal a more even-toned glow. The natural exfoliating and skin-brightening properties make oranges a good radiance-boosting skincare ingredient. The citrus fruit can remove a tan, reduce dullness, fade dark spots, and correct uneven skin tone while making the skin feel smooth and plump.

Reduces inflammation:

If you’re dealing with irritated, sensitive skin, including orange in skin care can be your go-to solution. Orange contains anti-inflammatory properties that help to heal redness and inflammation caused by various factors.

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